During the summer there’s al lot of things that you can do in Arnouva. Exploring the surrounding nature, fishing, hiking, climbing and playing golf….

In fact along the Valley there’s a Golf Club with 10 holes and keep going on the road, on the Dora Ferret river there’s a Fishing Club owned by the riverain Enrico Grivel.

But the best part is for the families and the kids that can enjoy a Sport Club in Planpincieux, where they can find mountain bike rental shop, mini golf, mini quad, elastic jumps and much more!


As far as ourselves, under request, we can organize for you courses based on rock climbing for young kids and adults, to get more infos on it contact us and we will be happy to organize it for you.

We’re an important stop over of one of the most fantastic and beautiful hike of Europe: the Tour of Mount Blanc. Thousand of people from all over the world is stopping by to sleep, eat something typical and having a great Cappuccino!

In Arnouva also on of the most famous Trail is crossing by: the Ultra Trail of Mt Blanc. Thousand of runners different countries are crossing 3 Nations, making 170 km and 10.000 meters of drop hill……all running! Isn’t amazing?

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