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Our menu


Mocetta and lard cutting board with rustic Aosta Valley bread and honey


Tagliere dello Chalet (tasting of cold cuts and cheeses from the Valley)


Arnouva Salad (Orchid, black bread croutons, walnuts, mocetta, fondue)


Val Ferret salad (mixed salad, salmon trout, red onion, raspberry balsamic vinegar)


Nicoise salad (green beans *, black olives, tomatoes, anchovies, onions, potatoes, boiled egg, tuna)


Messata with rocket and citrus fruit reduction (certified Aosta Valley beef)


Beef tartare from the Chalet (200 gr)


Val Ferret trout in carpione




Polenta concia (Aosta Valley with sausage)


Polenta and sausage


Polenta and Carbonada (pieces of beef, onions, juniper and white wine)


Polenta and venison in civet


Polenta with mixed sautéed mushrooms


Polenta dish with tasting of all the stews


Polenta and Bleu d'Aoste and walnuts


Polenta alla Valdostana (with dop fontina)


Polenta and fondue




Homemade spaghetti * with venison ragu *


Homemade tagliolini * with porcini mushrooms *


Homemade gnocchi * with Blue d'Aoste and pears


Homemade ravioli * stuffed with wild boar and blueberries with butter and sage


Soupetta alla Valdostana (braised cabbage soup, black bread, fontina cheese, vegetable broth)


Escalope alla Valdostana


Val Ferret trout (spinata) with butter and sage


Half shank cooked at low temperature with roast meat


Venison steak with cranberry brandy sauce




Forest fruit tart *


Hot honey chestnuts with cream


Fresh fruit tart and custard


Cup with blueberries and raspberries


Tarte Tatin from the Chalet


Dark chocolate cake with cream


Mascarpone and ricotta cake


Gourmand coffee


Chopping board with tasting of local cheeses and jam




To ensure your well-being, we invite you to contact our staff directly for a list of allergens

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