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The restaurant


Our cousine

Our cuisine is authentic and genuine, just like we are. Through traditional recipes and local products, we want to bring you all the essence of the mountain and our territory to the table.

We then add a pinch of love, with the products we make at home every morning.

pasta fresca


We like to do things well and we like to do them with love. Therefore, everything we can do at home, we do. All the first courses, such as pasta, gnocchi and ravioli, are made by us, and the same goes for desserts and cakes, prepared every morning by our pastry chef.

Local products

The territory offers fantastic raw materials, and for this reason we want to bring all its essence to the table. Not only cheeses and meats, taken from local shepherds, but also fruit and vegetables come from the local crops. Trout are caught in the Dora, the river, a stone's throw from our Chalet, which crosses the entire Val Ferret.

Image by Mert Guller

Spaces and rooms

The restaurant tables are mostly outdoors, on a well-kept lawn with a view of the mountains and the valley. There is also the possibility of having lunch inside, where there are two rooms, dedicated to serving the restaurant, and used for dinner.

Info and booking

During the season, the restaurant is open every day, both for lunch and dinner. We strongly advise you to book, especially in August and on the weekend.

You can reach us in various ways, but we advise you to consult the info and contact page for more details

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